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                           Reduce Operating Cost

                           Deskill Processes

                           Increase Accuracy


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Text Box: Planning
Text Box:  

Achieve Planning Productivity using
 - Task Assignment
 - Capacity Planning and Booking
 - Material Planning
 - Sourcing Management
 - Production Planning & Scheduling
 - Project Management & Task Linking 
 - Change Management
 - Rolling Progress Monitor
 - Analyzed Cost Control

Planning Productivity  Solution

Text Box:

Design Automation and Workflow Management

Auto generate ….

 -  3D Design

 -  Bill of Material (BOM)

 -  3D customer drawing

  - Overall General

    Arrangement drawing

 -  Fabrication Drawings

 -  Material Schedule







Develop ….

 - 2D to 3D

 - 3D Library

 - 3D Models





Engineering Services


Text Box: Design
Text Box: Marketing
Text Box: Achieve Sales Productivity through...
 - Enquiry to Offer (E2O)
 - Sales Force Automation (SFA)
 - Order to Dispatch (O2D)
 - Customer Information 
   Management (CIM)
 - Analytics and Decision Making 

Sales Productivity  Solution

Enquiry to Dispatch

We are wasting too much time and skilled man hours doing repetitive design job; buried under order backlogs; can’t do any R&D work.


Wish we had a simple system to generate offers, mange documents, provide order execution status, perform analytics and projections….



Production Planning


No respite from the maze of delivery slippage, production loss, capacity planning nightmare, even after implementing an expensive ERP!

Productivity Enhancement &

 Cost Reduction Solutions

for Manufacturing & Engineering Industries

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